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What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a Direct Selling by which a company delivers its products directly from manufacture to the consumer. The middle man has been removed from it. Network marketing is not new today, network marketing started in 1945. Carl Rehno Barg first used network marketing in 1945 to spread the product of his company Nutralite to its consumers.Network Marketing in India

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Network marketing is a very good business for people who want to do business in part-time or who want to do business according to their time. Network marketing provides a great opportunity in today’s time, people who want to do something big in their life, and during Lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak It is one of the best Work From Home Jobs.

Some great person has told the truth that if you want to become rich, then you have to build a huge network of your own. Network marketing gives everyone a very good opportunity. It does not make any gender differences, nor does anyone see casteism nor any religion.

Anyone can be successful in network marketing, for that it is not necessary that someone who is successful in it should be highly educated for it. The things you need to succeed in this is your why, why you have to do this business, and there should be a fire inside you to fulfill your dreams and you should have some dreams.

Network Marketing in India

Network marketing in India has been called the business of the 21st century, according to many reports and according to many statistics, it has come out that this industry has produced the most millionaires in the world. If it is seen in the context of India or the industry is at an early stage.

There were no rules and regulations for this industry before 2016. And after 2016, the Government of India brought some rules regulations for network marketing which every network marketing company has to follow.

India is seen as a big market for the marketing network because India is the second country with the largest population. If the top countries like the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Korea with fewer population does so well in network marketing, then imagine what India can do with the huge population.

If you want to be successful in network marketing, for that you will have to build a huge network and for the network you need people and India’s population is more than these countries. You can understand that a country like the USA which is in the topmost countries in network marketing, and its population is not even half of the population of India. So India’s population is 132 crores. It’s a huge opportunity for Indians here in Network Marketing. You will have more people ie. you will have more opportunities than you can make your network very big. If your network grows then your earnings will also increase.

Why Network Marketing?

70-80 Thousand people search Google on network marketing every day.

According to the report of the Direct Selling Association, Network Marketing business all over the world, in 2018 is 13 lakh crores and distributed 42- 50% of its total turnover to its distributors. Fifty Thousand crores are distributing every month to its distributor’s by the company. So, if you look at it, 12-13 hundred crores are distributed every month on their distributors.

In the Indian market, the total business of network marketing in 2018, was Rs 10,000 crores according to the report of the Direct Selling Association.
According to KPMG India and FICCI by the year 2021, the business of Network Marketing in India will touch 15,000 crores. According will be the network marketing business by 2025 which will reach 65 thousand crores. and By 2025, the network marketing business will reach 65 thousand crores.

In the last 20 years, Network Marketing gave the opportunity to more than 1 million people around the globe.

Join Network Marketing

The business opportunity provided by network marketing is a very golden opportunity and one of the best work from home jobs. To generate a good income or passive income for those who are unemployed due to Lockdown in India. so If you want to Join Network Marketing just give a call on 7017859241 and you can also Telegram on the same Number. or You can just fill-up the form below in this article.

Best MLM Companies to Join

Vestige Marketing Company is one the best MLM Companies to Join in India and it is also considered as cheapest MLM to join.

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